Social Media Monitoring on Endari: Research and Study on Social Media Channels

Social Media Monitoring on Endari: Research and Study on Social Media Channels
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Research Study Background

On 7th July 2017 Emmaus Medical Inc. got the US FDA positive nod for Endari (L-glutamine) a drug for Sickle cell Disease (SCD) for adults and children 5 and older. US FDA approved Endari as an Orphan drug, which will reduce the complications associated with blood disorder such as extreme side effects in the lungs and major pain.

Emmaus Medical Inc. have planned to launch its Orphan drug called Endari in an affordable price below $20K per year, so that patients can relieve their suffering.

  1. Study was conducted to understand initial social media reaction on Endari where total 690 online posts were analysed by our subject matter experts.
  2. Study monitoring period was considered from 1st May – 25th Oct 2017.


  1. “HCPs, Patients, News, Advocacy groups and Caregivers sharing information on approval of Endari on various Social Media Channels
  2. Twitter followed by Mainstream and blog having maximum volume of conversation.
  3. Positive posts where tracked around Endari availability which says- The SCD patient body is excited about the availability and accessiblity of Endari (L-glutamine) in an outpatient setting. #SCsymposiumATL

Sentiment Analysis on Endari Drug Approval

Positive: Endari approval was quoted as an Impressive breakthrough - “Wow. ODAC votes 10-3 in favor of approving $EMMA's sickle cell treatment L-glutamine.”-Journalist (MCIPRIANO93)

Neutral: Majority of individual were either neutral or positive about the approval, and found sharing the information on social media platform- “The FDA approved Endari, the first new drug in nearly 20 years to treat sickle cell anemia complications.”- Unidentified Individual (SHTONTWEEDLTD)

Negative: Few people are seems to be sharing their concern around social media channel on Endari cost- “press release to sell expensive brand name l-glutamine powder. this is what fake news looks like smh”- Other Individual (MAUIMESCUDI)


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