Social Media Monitoring on Hemlibra: Research and Study on Social Media Channels

Social Media Monitoring on Hemlibra: Research and Study on Social Media Channels
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Social Media Monitoring Report on Hemlibra, a drug by Roche, Inc. for Hemophilia A

Research Study Background

Roche developed drug, Hemlibra (emicizumab) got US FDA marketing approval on 16th Nov 2017 for adult patients with Hemophilia A.

Hemlibra is a bispecific factor IXa- and factor X-directed antibody which was approved on the basis of clinical data from phase III clinical trial where Hemlibra showed significant improvement in hemophilia-related symptoms and physical functioning. The FDA granted application Hemlibra also received Orphan Drug designation.

Roche got Prior marketing authorization for Hemlibra under Priority Review and Breakthrough Therapy designations.

  1. Study was conducted to understand initial social media reaction on Helimbra where total 519 online posts were analysed by our subject matter experts.
  2. Study monitoring period was considered from 2th November – 28h November 2017.


  1. “HCPs, Patients, News, Advocacy groups sharing information on approval of Hemlibra on various Social Media Channels
  2. Twitter followed by Mainstream having maximum volume of conversation.
  3. Positive posts tracked around Hemlibra approval which says- “We know that transforming potentially game-changing ideas into reality can be daunting todays approval of #Hemlibra proves it! ”
  4. HCP reflects on drugs nomenclature and says- “Guinness world record in complex drug name "axicabtagene ciloleucel" defeats tisagenlevleucel! Can we pls use commercial names now!?“

Sentiment Analysis on Hemlibra Drug Approval

Positive: Hemlibra approval was quoted as a landmark breakthrough - “Amazing news for #Hemophilia A #patients ! #Hemlibra approval #FDA #biotech #Pharma”- HCP

Negative: Some were found concerned about Hemlibra safety and commercial session and reflected negatively on social media channels – “Did I miss something or shouldn't the #FDA have held an adcomm session for emicizumab (Hemlibra)? Serious safety issue, black box, Shire toe-to-toe on data. Needed public hearing.Journalist

Neutral: Majority of healthcare practitioners were either neutral or positive about the approval and found sharing the information on social media - FDA approves Hemlibra, a new treatment to prevent bleeding in people w/ hemophilia A and Factor VIII inhibitors“- HCP


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