Evidence based social media listening research on US Pharmacy Retail

Evidence based social media listening research on US Pharmacy Retail
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Study Background:

Evidence based social media listening research on US Pharmacy Retail

Research Objective:

Research objective is to understand the people’s perception and sentiment about top pharmacy chain in USA. Also to benchmark the digital dominance and top themes which drives the conversation about the pharmacy chain. Following major points are covered in three months social media monitoring study:

Qualitative Research:

  • Perception, Sentiment and Tonality of conversation to discover what’s good and bad is talked about pharmacy chain, in what number and intensity
  • Major theme of discussion and how pharmacy chain is affected by these conversations
  • Qualitative summarization of people’s needs, expectations, desire, liking and disliking about the pharmacy chain.
  • Verbatim and patient’s quotes to provide the evidence to findings
  • Major findings its implications and recommendations

Quantitative Research:

  • Share of voice to understand the level of conversation on various digital media
  • Conversation cloud to understand the top theme, which drives the conversation about the particular pharmacy
  • Media type to understand the digital channels, which drives the conversation
  • Conversation trends to understand the news and topic which created buzz on social media channels

Research Method:

Research is conducted using social media listening concept. Findings are based on online conversation of various stakeholders such as patients, caregivers, KOLs, advocacy groups etc. While we extract the online posts using natural language processing tools and internally developed/tested keyword algorithm. Our subject matter experts read through the posts considering the pain points from a marketer’s point of view.

Report Summary:

There is good number of conversation happening around variety of different topics related to pharmacy retail. While customer talks about their experience on social media channels they leave valuable business insights to improve upon the services and facilities. There are plenty of posts, describing the challenges customers are facing, be it drug availability at the stores or service satisfaction, drive through, drug invoicing, friendly/non friendly employee, etc. While customers talked about difficulties and challenges they are facing; at the same time they found to be suggesting the solutions to mitigate the issues, in fact in some cases they are leaving their contact details to provide any information/feedback if required.

People seem to be appreciating various initiatives that pharmacy retail has taken in order to ease the process. In many cases they talked and appreciated various campaigns and initiatives to educate patients and free screening services.

Several pharmacists who are working in these retail outlets talked about challenges they are going through. They are concerned about facilities and payment they are receiving.

Here are some of the examples of themes discussed on social media channels:

  • Walgreen opening a store in downtown Akron will focus on people with complex health needs – initially HIV/AIDS, chronic inflammatory disease, and cancer.
  • Customers not happy with the refill service due to incomplete product refill; they have to wait for a longer to get their product refilled.
  • People are facing problem in login to refill prescription page through Mozilla Firefox
  • Walmart pharmacy celebrating August National Awareness Immunization Month by reminding people that not only needs vaccine but Adults too for different diseases like Flu, Shingles, Pneumonia and many more. Educating around importance of vaccines and their associated facts
  • Walmart under investigation after a woman (Gina McCurtain) accused the store of mixing three different prescriptions into one pill bottle. A bottle containing prescription of Percocet is mixed with two different same looking pills of Methocarbamol and anti-depressant Bupropion cause increased in the real fast heartbeat of Gina McCurtain
  • CVS Health heavily invest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that help its colleagues engage in the community
  • Employees concerns regarding Pay Scale, less safety precaution for workers handling strong prescription drugs, promoting competition between the workers and enforcing strict rules to prevent fraternization and workers report that those who protest conditions or question company policy come under fire from management or given less of a chance at raises or promotions or full-time employment, high stress levels caused by the unrealistic production demands as well as constant surveillance by management, Discouraging e-mails, Don’t get more than 1 or 2 leave when they are sick (directly got terminated letters), Less workspace at their station and Fewer resource.

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