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About Us

SocioInsider is intended to be the largest digital and social media research company worldwide. Our unique and time-tested approach offers an ideal synergy of machine and human intelligence, which enable us to provide actionable business insights based on online conversations.

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) include data scientist, life-science and pharmacy graduates, healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals which are capable of collecting, assimilating and analyzing unstructured big data into meaningful set of data which can be translated into actionable insights.

Continuous innovation and adaptation of best in class tools are the key differentiators of our process. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing tools offers a great deal of data collection and data classification, rest is very well taken care by our SMEs. Patient’s expression differs as they use variety of terms to describe their therapeutic situation. To ensure high quality and relevancy, our life science experts (SMEs) read through the entire content, which leaves no room for error.

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