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Decoding Social Media Research

Decoding Social Media Research

Thousands of conversation is happening on various social media channels every time and it is increasing with every passing day. In such a situation timely conducting social media monitoring research require expertise at various levels. An expert can apply the right keywords considering the nature of the study, media types and target audience. A subject matter expert understands the context of conversation and interprets it better for solving a business problem.

To be able to conduct social media monitoring you need to have a team of SMEs who are well versed with not only the research area but also they should know the background of natural language processing.

Once you have these things right then you need to have industry expert who can derive actionable business insights from the data and suggest the recommendations based on findings.

Social Media Monitoring Process

All in all, a well-defined and structured process with subject matter experts is the prerequisite for conducting a social media research.  Followings are the key areas, which are the great deal of social research.

Keyword Algorithm

Application of right keyword is the backbone of any social media listening research. It’s easy to get trapped into millions of spurious data on www. An extensive research on given topic can yield a set of keywords which can be applied to generate the relevant content. Industry experts who understand the offerings and customers (in case of pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Healthcare, Patients, etc.) have hands on experience on playing around with various sets of keywords could be the ideal to conduct the task.

Machine Level Analysis

Machine level analysis is good for quantitative analysis, right keywords applications yields relevant content and offer a quick overview of what’s happening around. Simply, it gives an idea of how many people are engaging with the activity, brands or campaigns.

Although machine level analysis offers a great deal when it comes to timeliness; it can be misleading in many cases particularly if you intend to make a qualitative assumption of some topic for e.g. increased conversation might be completely negative and undesirable, since machine and natural language processing tools have its limitations to contextual analysis; any qualitative summarization could be misleading. It is good to use machine level analysis for quantitative rather qualitative research.   

Human Intervention and SME Level Analysis:

Opinion expressed on social media platforms are not necessarily reflects the majority opinion. Which is why you need human intervention, a subject matter expert understands the tonality better. SMEs can go beyond machine level analysis and do the background check to understand writers’ profile and circumstance.

It becomes a very cumbersome task, which consume good amount of time and efforts. However, study outcome is rewarding and something which you can rely upon. 

Writer’s Background:

Article is written by collaborative efforts of socioinsider team. Lead writer is a social media research expert he has worked on several tools related to social media monitoring, data crawling, etc. With total 14 years of market research and over six years of social media research experience, he has seen how social research has evolved over a period of six, seven years. During the tenure he has worked with several multinationals pharmaceuticals companies on variety of different projects touching several therapy areas. 

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