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Kisqali : Social Media Monitoring Report, Social Media Listening Report

Kisqali : Social Media Monitoring Report, Social Media Listening Report
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This is a social media monitoring report on US FDA approval of Kisqali (ribociclib) a drug of Novartis for the treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer. Kisqali social media listening report intended to cover following points:

  • Quantitative Analysis
    • Quantitative analysis done to map share of online conversation about the approval news on various social media channels.
    • Dominant media type for Kisqali approval new.
    • Topic trend or buzz trend during the monitoring period
    • Top keywords discussed in association with Kisqali through conversation cloud analysis
    • Top hostages and mentions
  • Qualitative analysis
    • A high level sentiment analysis to understand people perception and sentiment about the drug’s approval.
    • Top KOLs and interesting verbatim are covered
  • Scope to improve on the study
    • A detailed qualitative analysis can be done to understand people perception and sentiment about any specific topics or attributes such. Here is what can be covered in the detailed analysis:
      • Participant’s profiling
      • Perceptions and sentiment by participant type
      • Perceptions and sentiment by attributes such as clinical trial result, efficacy or safety profile, Insurance coverage, etc.
      • Any specific challenges patients are facing
      • Reasons, patient might consider Kisqali for their treatment
      • Barriers and drivers
      • What good looks like and what bad looks like
      • Any campaign/initiative by manufacturer or counter initiatives by competitors and its effectiveness

Any other relevant topic which might come across during the research

Study Background:

  • Monitoring period: 1st March till 15th June 17
  • Number of Post Analyzed (N): 1233
  • Geography covered : USA Only
  • Content Analyzed: English

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Monitoring Period 1st March till 13th June 17
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