Social Media Monitoring Reports | Pharmaceuticals | Hospital | Healthcare USA/UK

Social Media Monitoring Reports | Pharmaceuticals | Hospital | Healthcare USA/UK
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Social Media Digital Research; Monitoring Report | Pharmaceuticals | Hospital | Healthcare USA UK

Socioinsider is a leading player in digital research, which includes social media listening or social media
monitoring research specially for pharma, hospitals and healthcare industry. At socioinsider we believe
marketing research requires an expertise and focused approach in order to uncover actionable business
insights, which are helpful and desired. Our services are mainly dedicated to Pharmaceuticals and
Healthcare sectors where we strive towards excellence through our focused approach in these industries.
Socioinsider delivers Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Social Media Research Monitoring & Listening
Digital Reports for USA UK markets.


Patient Social Media Engagement: An Evolving Trend


It is not just the overall patients/caregiver’s interaction with peers and pharma manufactures have
increased; in our various pharma social media listening research we fond that there is an increasing
trend in quality of content across the social media channels. While twitter has been dominant media
type for people interaction, engagement on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+,
Instagram, Forums, Blogs, etc. has grown significantly.
Below pictures demonstrate how people’s discussion about Oncology, Cancer has evolved over a
period of three years in UK and USA.


Nature of Patient’s Posting/Engagement on Social Media


Social media is no more just a medium to get the information about disease or understand drug’s profile.
Educated and empowered patients and caregivers talk openly about their health conditions in a very
specific manner. They use social media channels to connect with peers and have a very qualitative
discussion about particular topic. Many of cancer patients and survivors have become a digital media
advocate or influencer; they love to share their knowledge and experience about the disease and help

“Better prepare before meeting the Physician” is an increasing trend among the patients, they like to
study their current condition and possible Q & A with doctors. To better understand the disease; patients
ask multiple questions and describe their current status, sign and symptoms, etc. Which helps them to
interact with physician in order to understand the disease, diagnosis, treatment selection, etc. The
process of understanding own condition involves describing the situations and difficulties that patients
are facing which generate lots of qualitative data, that can be collected, assimilated and analyzed
through pharmaceuticals social media digital research & monitoring process.
Better prepare before meeting doctors, taking part in understanding diagnosis, treatment selection, etc.
pictures will be provides


Healthcare social media Research monitoring and Listening


Patient feedback about healthcare facility can be monitored through Hospital Social Media Research
monitoring & listening. Today’s tech savvy and smart patients take help of social media channels to
understand own condition also evaluate the healthcare facilities and talks about positives and negatives
of their experiences. They inquire about other’s experience about particular hospital and doctor’s
interaction. Once they are done with consultation patients openly share their experience about the
hospital, facility, waiting time, hospital staff, in there own satisfaction level.
Our social media benchmarking studies, Social Media Research Monitoring; 
Social Media Research Monitoring; Listening New York and Social Media Research Monitoring;

Listening London hospital revels lots of patient’s feedback and actionable insights for hospitals and healthcare

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