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Social Media Monitoring Services Company | Media Listening & Analytics Intelligence Tools USA UK
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Socioinsider is a social media listening & monitoring company. There are various media intelligence tools or media monitoring tools or social media trending tools are available. We use best social media sentiment analysis tools i.e. synergistic and collaborative efforts of machine and human intelligence in order to the most relevant and evidence based social media intelligence reports. Our offerings includes Band monitoring, patient journey, healthcare monitoring, campaign monitoring, enterprise listening, therapy monitoring etc.

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Brand monitoring or Product Listening

Conversation on social media channels reflects the reality, if social media monitoring is done properly. There are lots of irrelevant posts which are some how linked with the particular keywords which cannot be controlled. This is the reality and biggest drawback of machine level social media listening done using social media monitoring tools, for example in case of drug monitoring there are lots of irrelevant posting done from various pharmacy chain which has only mention of brand name. In this case if post is not properly tagged by author type and relevancy, sentiment analysis can not be done because it just a mention of the drug and if you consider it as a post, which normally happens in case of machine analysis (through natural language processing tools) it gives a wrong picture. To avoid that you need to include human intervention and focus on relevant content.

Component of band Listening:

In a typical product listening or brand monitoring research, various products’ features, its competitors, marketing and product mix are considered and included in the keywords in order to collect entire relevant posting around the topic. Once that is done then its time for SMEs to read through the content and prepare comprehensive document, which not only segregate the content with its relevancy but also provide an easy to navigate and analyze the big and structured data. Once this is done then industry professionals comes into picture who read, understand, and provide a shape to the findings according to people commentary and product features. While doing so professionals keep in mind the relevancy and importance of findings from a marketing manager perspective. To finalize the product social media listening project industry experts includes findings its implications and based on that recommendations.

Why Product Listening is Useful:

A socioinsider product listening report includes key findings, its implication and recommendations. Actionable business insights provided in socioinsider reports enable marketers to act, to improvise product’s offering, understand patients/caregivers perception and attitude towards the brands, better communicate and engage, to launch an effective campaigns, etc. A complete understanding of product and its offering, anything good or bad associated with product can be found in our recent Pharma Social Media Monitoring US report. Where we have considered Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) therapy area which includes brands such as Humira social media monitoring, Orencia Social Media Monitoring, Cimzia Social Media Monitoring, Remicade Social Media Monitoring, Actemra Social Media Monitoring, Kineret Social Media Monitoring, Enbrel Social Media Monitoring and Simponi Social Media Monitoring.

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